The Game (rough draft)

For most the score starts off tied 0-0, no one yet has the advantage. But for others they enter the game unlucky and already down by a large amount. This game has two halves and four quarters like most games, but that isn't where the similarities end. But this game is not like anything you have ever seen or been a part of before and you are not lucky enough to experience again.

The first quarter is usually the hardest, trying to to feel out your opponent and figure out exactly what it's strengths are and what weakness you have. But this opponent has faced many a worthy adversary in it's time and rarely if at all can anyone say they have beaten it. Everyone comes into the game a rookie, some leave the game before they think it's their time and other's get the chance to play until the coach tells then to come out. Like with any game there are fouls and mistakes, but if you are lucky you have a good supporting cast to help you get through the game.

This game however can not be played by one person however, you will need your teammates to help and assist you through the rough quarters. And when your opponent takes the lead, for it will most certainly take a lead you will need to rely heavily on your team. As with any game though it comes down having a good game plan and strategy, though the outcome of this game is already determined but the way you play lies in your hands.

Life is the biggest game in the world, how do you play it?